In the world of experiential marketing, the ultimate goal is to create a memorable and enjoyable interaction between a brand and event guests or consumers. Models have this ability, to enhance a brand experience by directly communicating product information, establishing a visual link to the brand, and helping to transport guests to another place and time through the characters they play.

PASK Productions is here to match the right models with your brand.

Not only are our models educated, personable, and beautiful, but they possess the confidence and prowess to interact with guests in a professional manner and positively represent our clients and their brands. Here at PASK Productions, we train our models extensively so they are knowledgeable about the events, clients, and brands they represent.

PASK Models specialize in:

  • Special event promotions
  • Cocktail serving
  • Hosting
  • Mobile marketing

We value our clients’ strategic marketing plans and work directly with them in order to understand their brands, the desired outcome from the event, and how our models can ensure the goals are met and enhance the overall event experience for guests.